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It’s Time to Think Differently!

November 27, 2012 by Gina Gaudio-Graves  
Filed under Marketing Tips

I hope you had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving (if you’re here in the US).

This year, I spent the holiday with my dear friends, Rodger and Crystal Hollingsworth.  Rodger is both a friend and a Joint Venture Partner.

Rodger and Crystal also invited a few other friends who are JV Partners, Lizette LaForge (the JV Manager for the guys at Speaking Empire) and Ben Bressington and his wife (Ben’s business is helping entrepreneurs to “gamify” their content and training programs).

Notice anything about this?

First, as “The JV Queen”, one of the things that I’ve mastered is building relationships that can be leveraged in a way that grows a business.

This often time starts out as a JV Partner relationship, but ends up turning into a friendship!  In fact, it is these relationships that I’m most grateful for – and the reason that we spent Thanksgiving together!

Are you using Joint Ventures to get maximum LEVERAGE in growing  your business?

If not, when do you plan on getting started?

I just heard about an event that takes place next week that is the perfect time for you to start building relationships that could turn into profitable joint ventures that grow your business!

This event is called “WorldWide IMPACT Live!  Get Your Ideas, Products, & Services Out to Millions!”

The whole premise of this 3 day jam-packed event is simple, really…

… Millionaires think differently.

Most people are struggling to find the time and resources required to master their craft.  They do this assuming that when they master their craft, they will be able to use their mastery to make millions.

But that’s not how it really works!  In fact, if you look at people who are already millionaires, you’ll notice something very significant…

Millionaires aren’t working for mastery!

Do you think Donald Trump knows about all of the building codes required to build a skyscraper in New York City? Absolutely not!

Most millionaires are asking, “Who can I partner with, who can I delegate this to, or who is the best person to complete this?”

In other words, “Who can I enter into a joint venture (a JV) with that will ensure success?”

Joint ventures are more powerful, more useful, and more profitable than the mastery of any subject!

It’s time for you to change the way you think.

It’s time to start thinking like a millionaire…

—>   http://www.askggg.com/impact

I’ll be at this event myself, building relationships that are likely to turn into joint ventures.  I hope you can join me there!

To Your Abundant JV Success!

Gina Gaudio-Graves
“The JV Queen”
Dean & Founder, DirectionsU.com

P.S.  When you join me next week, remind me to introduce you to the hosts of the event personally.  Dave VanHoose & Dustin Matthews from 7-Figure Speaking Empire, and Ken McArthur from JVAlert LIVE!, are all personal friends of mine.  All of them have relationships that can help you grow your business – no matter what niche you happen to be in!  I look forward to helping you get your message in front of them when you join me next week…

—> http://www.askggg.com/impact

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