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Best $4 I Ever Spent – GREAT Facebook Tip!

August 8, 2012 by Gina Gaudio-Graves  
Filed under Marketing Tips

I’m just about busting at the seams I’m so excited about a little tool that I just found!  It’s the absolute BEST $3.99 cents I’ve ever spent!

Before I tell you what the tool is, let me tell you why you really want it for yourself…

As you’ve heard in my recent emails, on Wednesday, August 22nd, the new DirectionsU “Passion to Profits” 10-week course gets underway.

I’m so excited about it that I decided to put up a Facebook Event to invite my 5,000+ friends to join the course.

In case you don’t know what a Facebook Event is, you’ll find an example at:


You can create a Facebook Event for just about anything!  For example…

*  You’re launching a new info product — create a FB Event for the launch date
*  You’re running a contest — create a FB Event to get more people to participate
*  You’re hosting a webinar — Use a FB Event to get more people to attend
*  And anything else you can tie an “event’ together with.

Now, just putting up a Facebook Event isn’t going to get anyone to see it or to participate.  It’s just one more page that shows up with the hundreds of millions of others on the Facebook website.

But — once you have the Event on Facebook, complete with all the details:

WHO the hosts of the event are (you or your business)
WHAT the event is all about (again – include a link to your promotional page!)
WHEN the event is taking place
WHERE the event is taking place (include a link in the “Where” to get people to your promotional page!)
WHY someone wants to attend or participate

That’s when the fun really begins!

Once you have the details up on Facebook, now you can invite ALL of your Friends and ALL of your Fans to attend and participate!

But that’s also where the problem starts…

In order to invite your Friends or Fans, Facebook allows you to select just 20 people at a time.

So, if you’re like me and have over 5,000 Friends on Facebook (that’s the Facebook limit for “Friends) and more than 2,000 Fans, then you’re going to be there a LOOONNNGGGG time!

In fact, to invite over 7,000 people requires someone on my team to send out 350 messages, each going to 20 people.

Well that takes a LOT of time!

And, as you know time is $$, right?

Paying someone to spend 6 1/2 to 7 hours to invite all my friends and fans to a Facebook Event can get quite expensive!  Especially if you have just 1 webinar per week, plus other promotional messages on an ongoing basis.

Heck, I could have just 1 full time person with as many “Events” as I do in a month!

But that’s where this sweet little $3.99 tool comes in!

In Google Chrome, you can add what are called “Extensions”.  Extensions are little applications that add functionality to your Google Chrome Browser.

This one little “Extension” is called “Facebook Invite All Friends PRO”.

After you’ve installed it, you’ll have the FREE version.  That version will select just 15 friends or fans automatically.  You then hit the SEND button and repeat the process.

While that’s pretty good — it can actually save 3 or 4 hours for someone on my team — it still takes another 2 or 3 hours to invite all 7,000 people to an event!

BUT — once you’ve got the FREE version and you click the button one time, it shows you a message that says:

“Upgrade to PRO to get even more automated features!”

It’s not that obvious so you’ll have to watch for the message at the top of your browser window!

Once you click that link, you’ll be taken to a page to put in your credit card.  After you spend that $3.99, you’ll be ready to go with the fully automated Friend/Fan Inviter Tool ready for you to use!

How HUGE can this be for your business?

Well, here’s some examples of my real life Facebook Events…

*  In just 34 seconds, I invited 7,354 people to a Facebook Event.
*  In under 3 minutes, I’d had 5 people respond with GOING — meaning that 5 people enrolled in Passion to Profits at a tuition of $47 per week for 10 weeks!
*  One of my students recently added almost 300 new subscribers to his list and got over 150 attendees for one of his webinars — sending an invitation out to just 850+ Facebook Friends!

Before I got this sweet little tool, I didn’t run Facebook Events very often.  It was just WAY too time consuming!

But, a few months ago, one of my events was sent to over 7,200 friends and fans and resulted in nearly 400 new subscribers to my list in just a few days!

The best part was that nearly 25% of them upgraded to a GOLD Membership — at $14.95 each!  In other words, $1,495 in sales — from a single Facebook Event!

Back then, it took hours of work to get that kind of result.  But with this little tool, these results are possible from just few SECONDS of work!

Just think about it…

How much bigger would your results be if you had access to this little tool for your business?

This is just ONE of the MANY, MANY little tips and tricks that I’ll be sharing with participants when “Passion to Profits” opens on Wednesday, August 22nd.

If you just put this ONE little Strategy to work in your business, you’re likely to make back many times your tuition!

And yet, you’ll also learn how to …

*  Find your PROFITABLE Passion
*  Strategically choose the audience with the best profit potential
*  Create a profit funnel that will ensure that you make sales effortlessly, over and over again!
*  Setup your online presence to get 1st page rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing while getting 10% or more of your visitors to subscribe to your list
*  Setup products or services to monetize your business in less than a week
*  Get 5% to 10% conversions on ALL your sales pages
*  Learn what your metrics and analytics are telling you — what’s working, what’s not working, and what can you do to improve your results?
*  and MUCH more!

Reserve Your Seat NOW at:

—> http://www.askggg.com/wssreplay

After you Reserve Your Seat, make sure that you RSVP on the Facebook Event too!  You’ll find it at:


Once you’ve RSVP’d, make sure that you post the answer to my question on the Event Page where I ask:

“What would YOU Like to learn during the 10-week long “Passion to Profits” course?”

Remember… Space in this course is limited!

And — I won’t be offering this course again for about another year!

When is it time to start getting the results you deserve in your business?

Now?  Or next year?

Get a TASTE of what you can expect from this course when you listen to the 90-minute replay from a recent webinar.  You’ll find it at the top of the page when you Reserve your seat NOW at:

—> http://www.askggg.com/wssreplay

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the webinar when “Passion to Profits” gets started in a few weeks!

To Your Abundant Online Success!

Gina Gaudio-Graves
“The JV Queen”
Dean & Founder, DirectionsU.com
Creator, 30DayIMChallenge.com

P.S.  You’ll find all the details about “Passion to Profits” below the recording and the PDF of the slides at:

—> http://www.askggg.com/wssreplay

It’s only going to be there for a few days, though!  So make sure you go through it asap!

AND — Make sure that  you RSVP on the Facebook Event and let us know what you’d like to learn during this 10-week course!  The event is at:


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