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About Directions University

Directions University

Directions University

In 2007, Dean & Founder, Gina Gaudio-Graves, experienced what she calls her “Miraculous Transformation” which allowed her to recover from a life threatening illness.  Prior to that, Gina had been one of the internet’s most successful Joint Venture Brokers, organizing joint ventures for people such as Shawn Casey, Russel Brunson, David Garfinkel, Willie Crawford, and many others.

But after experiencing her miraculous transformation, Gina really saw just how precious every second of life really is.  She realized that she had been given a gift that she felt strongly about repaying.  She knew that if she was ever to repay her debt, she had to make a difference for someone other than herself.

That’s when Gina decided to open the predecessor to Directions University – “The IM (Internet Marketing) University” — as a home for entrepreneurs interested in building businesses that will be successful for the long haul!

The IM University’s Programs included courses on “Finding Your Profitable Passion”, “Leaving a Legacy in Your Life”,
Making a Difference Through Your Business” as well as more traditional internet marketing topics such as how to create info products, how to use social marketing, blogging with WordPress, and more.

The courses focused on 4 main areas:

1. Helping entrepreneurs get direction in their lives
2. Helping entreprenuers get direction for their businesses
3. Helping entrepreneurs give direction to their clients
4. Helping entrepreneurs change the direction of the world

But students and prospects couldn’t really see this because of the name, The “IM” University.

So, in July 2009, “The IM University” formally became Directions University when it opened the first ever Social Learning Portal.  Although it has a new name, a new look, and a new home, Directions University still offers the same quality education as it’s predecessor, The IM University.

With the new name, Directions University makes an even bigger difference in helping entrepreneurs find direction — for their lives, their business, their customers and the world!

One of the EASIEST ways to stay up to date with everything DU can help you with, is to install our “Ultimate Marketing Toolbar”.  This not only helps you research your competition, plan your strategy, and get great tips on marketing and growing your business — it also helps you to save TONS of TIME using our “Email Notifier”, the “Twitter Tool”, the “Facebook Tool” and the “MyBlogLog Tool”.  Install your toolbar right now at http://DirectionsU.OurToolbar.com/exe or click on the banner image below:

DU's Ultimate Marketing Toolbar 

Once we’ve helped entrepreneurs find a clear direction for their own lives and their businesses, we move into Phase 2 of Directions University. In Phase 2, our focus shifts a bit.  Instead of helping entrepreneurs to find direction, we instead focus on helping those who have already found their direction to connect and network with each other to gain leverage for their businesses.  As this phase of Directions University gets underway, our sister school, The JV University opens its doors. The best way to get started in Directions University is to take our FREE course, the 30-Day IM Challenge that gives small business owners a chance to get results for long term success — through building a list, driving traffic, and making sales — starting in only 1 short month! Once you’ve learned the basics through the Challenge, you can continue your education in Directions University’s Associate’s Program — a 12 month long course that helps you:

* Learn to focus,

* Create a success oriented/abundant mindset,

* Build a strategic plan and profit funnel for your business,

* Use a blog at the heart of your business systems,

* Use a WordPress blog to drive as much traffic as you could ever need

* Build a targeted lsit of highly responsive subscribers,

* Find or create products that sell like hot-cakes,

* Establish Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances that allow you to use leverage to grow your business so you can work smarter instead of harder,

* Use more than 12 different types of traffic generation in grow your business in record time,

* and much, MUCH more!

The goal of the Challenge is to help you make just $1 in your business, and to show you what it takes to bring in $1 a day for 7 days straight.  The goal of the Associates Program is to help you build a 4-figure monthly income in record time. For those who are really serious and are looking for a solid 5- or 6-figure monthly income, Directions University also offers 2 advanced mentoring programs — the Bachelor’s Program and an “Invitation Only” Graduate Apprenticeship Program.  These 12-month long, group mentoring programs offer more interaction with a coach and with Gina herself.

These courses give you the guidance that you need in applying this unique business building system to YOUR business, so that you can build a 5-figure or higher monthly income in less than 1 year. Of course, as you participate in our courses, you may want to focus on specific aspects of building your business from time to time.  That’s why we also offer other courses that simply focus on just one area of building your business:

Each course is available through the “Courses” link in the upper right corner of this Social Learning Portal. Directions University is glad to have you as an Enrolled Student and we hope that you’ll find the direction and success you’re looking for by using our Courses while connecting with the other like-minded entrepreneurs that are here in our Social Network and Forum, growing their businesses too!

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